As mentioned in the Our Garden page, the only fruit trees that were pre-existing when we moved in in September 2011 were the lemon and mandarin. Soon after, we added the dwarf coffee tree and thornless blackberry that we’d transplanted from our previous house, and the Blood Orange and Tahitian Lime that my parents gave us for our house warming.

There was then a bit of a gap in the timeline, as the chook yard and vegie patch took priority, before I once again began to expand the fruit options with the addition of a dwarf black mulberry (although it has to be continually cut back as its growing in the chook yard and therefore doesn’t know what ‘dwarf’ means), two Biloxi blueberries in pots, a loganberry (sharing the same cut-in-half-watertank pot as the thornless blackberry), strawberries (in the other half of the watertank), three mango trees in pots, two more standard-sized coffee trees and 12 passionfruit vines (they were supposed to be thinned to the strongest 4 but I never got around to it).

If you count ‘bush tucker’ as ‘fruit’ we also have two davidson’s plums (in pots) and three native gingers out the back, and two native finger limes, seven syzigiums, four midyim berries and three pink-flowering melastomas out the front.

After the success of our chilli jam this year, I’m also planning a dedicated Chilli Patch which will have the Firecracker chillies that we already have, plus ‘Hungarian Hot Wax’, ‘Jalapeno’, ‘Cayenne Colour Mix’ and ‘Magnum’ habanero peppers (surrounded by Bug Mix, flowers and herbs) bought as seed from Green Harvest.

It sounds like a lot, but I won’t be stopping there of course! :)