Being a bit of ‘a greeny’ I’ve never seen the point in gassing myself and the other occupants of my house with things like fly spray, or washing harsh cleaning chemicals down our drains (which inevitably end up in waterways – even sewage treatment plant processing does not remove these chemicals from the water that is released back into our environment), so ever since getting my own place, I’ve opted for ‘green’ products such as those produced by Earth Choice or WWF.

So far, I’ve accumulated quite a library of internet links for ‘recipes’ of cleaning products (we always have a million-and-one lemons lying around) and body products, which I hope you’ll find useful.

The Make-your-own Body Products page is up and running, with the recipes that I’ve developed, tried and tested, and a list of links at the bottom of recipes yet to be trialed.

With the options for environmentally-friendly cleaning products being good, I haven’t yet transitioned completely across to make-your-own cleaning products except for a bit of bi-carb and vinegar, lemon juice, lavender oil etc here and there (refer Make-your-own Cleaning Products page), but am hoping to sooner rather then later.

I’ve also put together a page of links for ingredients that have heaps of different uses. As many of these uses can be both ‘cleaner’ and ‘body product’, I’ve given them their own page so that you can search by ingredient – eg if you have stacks of lemons and want to know what they can be used for.

Enjoy! :)