8 May 2018 8:53am – Vegie Patch Update

Yay! Rainy day updates! 

Here is the pic of our vegie patch as of yesterday. I must admit that, although The Vegie Patch is often thought of as ‘the whole point’ to permaculture (it so isn’t, by the way – you can be a total ‘black thumb’ and still participate in permaculture, there are SO many other aspects than just growing food), and although I really enjoying it, this part of the yard often leaves me feeling totally overwhelmed when I don’t have the time to dedicate to it (like in summer when sunlight = migraines for me), and it gets a bit out-of-control (I’m looking at you cherry tomatoes and fruit fly!).

But its been good for a few weeks now and the cooler temps have meant that its really starting to work for us. So, from the left, there is The Rosella Patch (not technically part of the Vegie Patch but still in the pic), then the 5 beds that make up our Vegie Patch: in the front is Beds 2, 3 and 4, with Beds 1 and 5 behind (you can’t really see these well in this pic, but you’ll get a better look at these ones when I talk about composting in the next post). Bed 2, on the left, is coming to an end – it had more rosellas and strawberries in it over summer, and the lucerne is in need of a good trim, so once the rosellas are finished and have died back, they’ll get pulled out and the bed topped up, ready for winter plantings; Bed 3 now has silverbeet on the north side (left) and bok choy on the south with a row of alyssum along the north edge, a single marigold at this end and a stack of marigolds and nasturtiums at the far end that were leftover from having tomatoes in here over summer. The brown pot between these two beds is a sad-looking mint that I actually took away after taking this shot and moved it to a more shaded area. The terracotta pots to the southside of Bed 3 are towers of strawberries that are spewing out everywhere and have even infiltrated the bok choy (like i’m complaining!) and another alyssum. Bed 4 is more greens, with chives, lettuce, red russian kale, nero kale and basil on the northside, and parsley, english spinach, red spinach, basil and dill on the southside, along with more nasturiums … everywhere  You can’t really see them, but under the in-need-of-a-trim rosemary hedge on the right, is yarrow, soapwort and a stack of ‘Isabella’ grape cuttings.

With Beds 1 and 5, at the back, I’ve decided to make these two beds semi-perenial this year (and next) with eggplant, capsicum and chillis, with more herbs and flowers (have to have flowers!) in the gaps. The white box behind Bed 1 is a hive of Tetragonula carbonaria (native stingless bees). Behind that is the Arrowroot and Ginger Patch, and there are three dragonfruit climbing up the centre callistemon, with aloe below.

That sounds like a lot, I know, but I try to keep a range of annual and perennial/long-lived plants to reduce maintainence and give a year-round harvest for our little household. Growing food is one of the parts of permaculture that I like best (along with talking about it!) so let me know if you have any questions.

Ok, on to another fave topic: composting! :D

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