26 March 2018 5:47am – More Trees!

Ok so we may have gone to Turners again yesterday …

The latest haul:
2x longans
2x ‘Wai Chi’ dwarf lychees
2x ‘Santa Rosa’ (red flesh) plums
1x yellow flesh plum
2x jabotacabas
3x ‘Berrylicious’ blueberries
3x ‘Port Wine’ dwarf magnolias
2x ‘Cousin It’ casuarinas
1x dark pink sundew
1x punnet of 4 ‘Supreme’ eggplant seedlings

The longans, lychees, plums and magnolias will be planted out up at the farm next weekend. The rest had already been planted out down here when I took this pic (the blueberries into large tubs of ericaceous potting soil), except for the jabotacabas in front.

… Then we ordered apricots, another nectarine and peach, and apples to arrive as bare-root stock in July …

And this is why, when someone asks “so what do you grow?”, I say “how long do you have?” :P

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