15 March 2018 5:31pm – Trees!

Woohoo! Another load of fruit trees and natives for up at the farm! :D

This time:
3x ‘Packham’s Triumph’ pears
2x ‘White Opal’ peaches
1x ‘Sundowner’ nectarine
3x ‘Berrylicious’ dwarf black mulberries
3x Strawberry/Cherry guavas
1x Feijoa (to go with the 3 that I bought last week, and 2 that are already at the farm)
1x ‘Hopi’ crepe myrtle (pink) (not actually native, but the bees like it, and its pretty)
2x ‘Lipan’ crepe myrtle (pale purple)
1x ‘Pink Cascade’ leptospermum (tea-tree)
1x Rainbow eucalypt (to go with the one already at the farm, either side of the gate)

PS Turner’s Nursery, in Rochedale, is having a 25% off closing down sale, if you’re interested :)

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