2 October 2017 4:19pm – Planting, planting and more planting!

Following on from Saturday’s purchases, we collected 6 rosella seedlings that my parents had collected from a lady at the Thursday Redcliffe markets, and postponed the planting for the predicted cooler weather today. Then, on our trip up to the farm, we found strawberries at the shop in Blackbutt, so bought 3 of those, then today, when we ran out of potting mix for the chillis (they’re all in reclaimed styrofoam vegie boxes this year) and had to make a trip to bunnings, we found more rosellas and strawberries … sooo yep, hubby and I had a rather busy day planting them all out, and Bed 2 is known as ‘jam bed’ (rosellas and strawberries) :P

Pic 1: Bed 4 – cucumbers along the reclaimed-fencing frame, blackbutt strawbs along the back, and lemon balm, thyme and parsley. This bed had the horse-manure-and-charcoal mix that I prepared a few weeks ago dug in, then topped with home-made compost before planting.

Pic 2: Rosella Patch – the six rosellas from Redcliffe. This is the eastern part of the ex-Chilli Patch, with the volunteer pumpkins on the western side. This patch was cleared out, rotavatored and had horse manure and compost piled on, before letting it sit for a few weeks, watering it every other day to keep the soil from drying out.

Pic 3: The thai birds eye and ghost chillis in their reclaimed styrofoam vegie boxes.

Pic 4: Bed 2 – ‘the jam bed’ with the bunnings rosellas and strawbs. This bed had a layer of lucerne trimmings laid down before also being topped with home-made compost before planting.

Pic 5: The baby fresno chillis and one of the mint seedlings, again in their reclaimed styrofoam vegie boxes.

The other herbs got scattered around the vegie patch in various gaps.

Now I think its time for a sit-down :)

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