30 May 2017 5:08am – Kale

I didn’t even notice this last season! But its true – the Nero I was growing got hammered, while the Red Russian and Curly Blue kales went largely untouched. Have you noticed this? Thanks Sophie for pointing it out!

Posted by Sophie Thomson, 27 May 2017 at 7:58pm:


Got caterpillars eating your kale? Did you know that this often has to do with the type of kale you are growing? Yesterday while filming at the Adelaide Botanic Garden I noticed a great example of this with four kales growing in one bed in the @Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden. Three of the four varieties were hardy toucjed. Yet the Tuscan kale known as Cavalo Nero was being hammered. This kale is very attractive to the cabbage white butterflies so if you don’t want to use exclusion netting, try growing another kale like a curly kale type like Winterbor, Red Russian kale or Redbor kale.”

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