28 May 2017 4:51pm – The Farm Warming

The Farm Warming yesterday was absolutely brilliant. A HUGE thankyou to everyone who could make it, bringing a plate/drinks and their great company, and especially to Nerida and John who drove up late on Friday, set their tent up in the dark and got up bright and early to dig us a ground oven! It was amazing! Then the bonfire, and conversation lasting well into the night. Then breakfast this morning with all those who braved the cool nights to camp over. It was awesome! THANKYOU! :D

And today, we planted out the very first plant into our bushfoods & tropicals section: a red-centred finger lime – a farm warming present from one family of guests. Thankyou! :D

The dragon fruit plants, brazillian cherries and citronella geranium will be planted out when it warms up a little. Thankyou! :D

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