25 May 2017 3:42pm – Spined Citrus Bug

A helpful tip from Jerry if you have citrus in your yard …

Posted by Jerry Colby-Williams, 25 May 2017 at 8:14am:


Look out for the Spined citrus bug (Biprorulus bibax). This native insect is an emerging pest of citrus, so not everyone is familiar with it. Feeding spoils citrus, making them and their juice unpalatable. Feeding wounds fruit which may rot. They love mandarin and kaffir lime in my garden.

Spray infested citrus with white oil now and you will eradicate the adult pests preparing to overwinter on trees. I learned the spines on adult bugs are sharp enough to draw blood, plus their unpleasant odour is lasting. If you act quickly, you’ll probably prevent breeding and egg laying.

Egg masses are easily squashed…once you know what to look for :-)

Range, see Atlas of Living Australia:

http://bie.ala.org.au/…/urn:lsid:biodiversity.org.au:afd.ta… ”

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