12 September 2017 4:59pm – Pallet Compost Bay No.1

Made the first compost bay! :D

It’s located behind our shed, north-facing, in a spot that seems to be just too hot for anything to grow in summer, so hopefully it’ll get a good temperature going. The pallets are screwed together at the back corners and just tied at the front. A biscuit-worth of grassy-straw mulch along the bottom and up the sides. Several buckets-worth of food scraps (from 2 families and work) in the centre, covered with a generous layer of soil from out of the chook run, then another thick layer of mulch. Its not enough to reach the ‘magic’ cubic metre needed for ‘hot compost’ yet, but it’ll make it there in the next few weeks. Its my first attempt at compost bays (I’ve always been a bins and worm farms girl before) so I’ll keep you posted on how it goes :)


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