11 September 2017 5:04pm – Farm update: Avocados, Bushfoods, Infrastructure

A quick update re the farm: As of Saturday, all the planting for this year is done! Yay! :D Now we go into survival/maintenance mode over our very first summer, which we hope isn’t going to be *too* hot and dry. Fingers crossed!

Saturday’s plantings were 4 avocados, purchased at the Blackbutt Avocado Festival: 2x Reed, 1x Fuerte and 1x Hass, to accompany the dwarf Hass we already had.

Surprisingly, the teeny-tiny natives from last weekend’s planting have all survived! (so far) I did have my doubts about a few of them, but quite a few of the lillipillies have tiny new, deep magenta shoots, so that’s promising (and going to be gorgeous when they get bigger!).

Infrastructure-wise, the composting loo is complete (aside from the installation of the little window we bought today) and the bathroom is partially done: all the under-floor drainage is complete (the pile of wood is covering over the wet concrete securing the drain pipes, to keep dog-paws away), the pavers are down, and the structure and some of the walls are up; now we’re just waiting for the roof and remaining walls, all the fixtures mentioned in the previous post (two windows, door, bath, shower tray, vanity), and the gravity-fed plumbing to go in.



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