18 May 2017 6:51pm – New Citrus and Fence at The Farm

Back in Bris now and am tired but happy that we not only got the planting done but also now have a new boundary fence AND gate! MASSIVE thankyous to my folks, Craig and Eryn, and dad-in-law Les! Probably would have half killed myself trying to do the planting by myself (really didn’t expect that soil to be as hard as it was!) and couldn’t in my wildest dreams have done the fencing in such a neat and professional way, so THANK YOU!!

I didn’t get a chance to take close-up pics of any of the trees (will post some next Wednesday when we get back from watering), but we now have 3x blood oranges (1x dwarf, 2x standard), 3x oranges (2x dwarf Washington Navels, 1x standard Lanes), 3x mandarines (1x standard Emperor, 1x standard Ellendale, 1x standard Hickson), 3x lemonades (1x dwarf, 2x standard), 3x standard Tahitian limes, 2x standard Eureka lemons, 1x standard cumquat. Fingers crossed they all like their new home and flourish :)

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