19 March 2017 7:51am – New Crop of Greens

And the first of the new greens are in! Phew! These beds were topped up with a layer of compost, a scattering of rooster booster, chopped up lucerne, a generous sprinkle of dolomite, and more compost. Then cos lettuce, green oak lettuce, pak choy, silverbeet (red chard), nero kale and spinach went in. They look a bit flat now because I’ve just watered them with seasol, but they’ll perk up. They’ve also been planted quite close (10-15cm apart) as I’m going to try out the biointensive method of cramming them in a bit closer to shade out weeds and keep the soil cooler.

When it gets a bit later (and the neighbours won’t complain about me banging around (our worm farm has a metal fencing panel roof)) I’ll put a doughnut of worm castings around each one, water them all again and mulch with cane mulch. The spinach in the second pic will also get a shade-cloth cover as they’ll be in more full sun than the others and its not yet cooled off quite enough for their liking.

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