7 March 2017 6:58am – 6 Ways to Grow Potatoes

Do you grow potatoes? Unlike most places, here in south-east Queensland, potatoes are grown over winter so now is the time to be preparing beds and keeping an eye out for seed potatoes at your local produce store or online seed seller. Potatoes are heavy feeders and like moisture (but not too much otherwise the developing potatoes will rot), so layers of old manure and lucerne mulch are perfect when building up around their stems as they grow as it will gradually compost down without being too moist. Water every few days (stick your finger into the mix to check moisture levels). 

There are a few different ways of growing them. I’ve tried most of these methods over the years and all seem to work equally well, but remember that the soil used for potatoes can’t be used again due to diseases like scab that get into the soil, so if you have a smaller garden, grow bags would be my suggestion (then just dump the composted material into a non-vegie patch garden at the end of the season). If you’re lucky enough to have a larger area, you can pick any method that will suit you and your garden, and happy growing! :) 

I personally like harvest time the best; like digging for buried treasure! Even our old chooks used to get in on the fun (mostly because of all the worms in the compost!).

6 Ways to Grow Potatoes

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