12 October 2016 4:17pm – Announcement time!

Announcement time!

We just bought a farm!! :D

Well, a ‘farmlet’, as the agent called it (and I think that’s really cute :P) but big enough for us :)

Its 2ha (5acres) of good brown-red soil up near Blackbutt. Completely unimproved. So there’s lots of work in store for us, setting it all up, but the plan is that it will be planted out with more citrus, chillis and passionfruit so we can expand the Black Chicken Preserves side of Myrtle Farm and start attending farmers markets. I’d also like to put in a stack of fruiting natives, such as finger limes, Atherton raspberry, Davidson plums and syzygium (lilly pilly), so we can experiment with making those into jams too. And bees! Both european honey and natives :)

Just a bit excited! :D

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