13 May 2016 1:04pm – Bush Tucker

If you’ve never been brave enough to give vegie-growing a go because of the time required to maintain them and get a decent yield, why not try a native food plant? As with most Australian natives, they are very hardy and can give you some very interesting and intense flavours without much attention at all. I personally, can’t wait until our finger limes (a green and a pink, like the picture in the article) and davidson’s plums fruit, but we also have seven lillipillies, four midyim berries, three pink-flowering melastomas and three blue gingers that subsist on the odd rain shower and little else. So why not duck down to your local nursery and take a look – now is the best time to plant as it gives the plant time to settle in before the heat of summer creeps back around.

Australia Has the Oldest and Most Nutritious Foods on Earth, Why Are We Not Eating Them?

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