29 April 2016 7:13am – This Week’s Rubbish Tally

My first bits of rubbish this week: 2 pieces of waxed baking paper used in baking bread for today’s orders.

Think I did pretty well considering that I wasn’t even trying and only realised I’d not made any rubbish all week when I went to put the bin out for bin day last night :)

And no, I’m not saying that I didn’t make any waste at all, its just that anything that I did make was all either recyclable or compostable/chook scraps so it went down different waste streams.

Why not have a look in your bin and see if there is anything that doesn’t need to be there, or perhaps could have been put into a reusable bag at the grocery store so you weren’t bringing home potential rubbish to begin with? Avoidance is the first step to reducing waste :)


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