28 April 2016 5:58pm – Greens

Tonight’s dinner (or part of it). Nutrient-dense spinach, curly blue kale, red kale and silverbeet, plucked straight from a freshly rained-on garden 25m away. SOOO much yummier than the ones you get in the shop that have usually wilted by the time you get to eat them. And very low food miles :) can’t get better :)

PS all of these are very easily grown in containers too. All they need is a sprinkle of water every other day, and if you want them to grow a bit faster, a dilute addition of worm wee, seasol or fish emulsion once a week doesn’t go astray :) And you don’t even need to have full sun; greens are quite happy with part shade, especially in summer. So why not give some a go? :)


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