17 March 2016 11:42am – Clover

Happy St Paddy’s Day everyone! And to celebrate, plant some clover! No, really! Its a great multi-use plant: it’s a nitrogen-fixer/legume so adds nitrogen to your soil, acting as a natural fertiliser (if you have it in your lawn it indicates that your soil is nitrogen-deficient, so leave it there if you can, your grass will thank you for it), its great nutritious fodder for livestock, including chickens, readily grows back after repeated ‘mowing’ by said livestock, farmers frequently use it as one of their fallow season crops (along with other legumes such as lucerne) to return nutrients to the soil after grain crops, and the bees absolutely love the flowers!

If you’d like the pretty pink version, Green Harvest sell the seeds as part of their ‘Good Bug Mix’ packets and you can sometimes find seedlings at nurseries.



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