15 March 2016 7:10am – Using Newspapers

Interesting article on the use of newspaper and cardboard in your gardens and whether the components are ‘safe’. I personally collect newspapers for specifically this purpose. I find them useful for sheet mulching before laying down a new garden bed or path, or as coverings for my worm farms and compost bins. Shredded up they can be used as bedding in the chook house (which has the added bonus of mixing in chook poo before adding it to the compost), food for worm farms (its a source of ‘browns’ -see http://myrtlefarm.com.au/intro/worm-farms/) and lately I’ve even found leaf-cutter and resin bees nesting in the folds of the rolled up newspapers that I hadn’t gotten around to shredding. Heaps of uses :) It even arrives free to your door, and by using it rather than throwing it away, you’re reducing waste and doing your local landfill a favour as well as retaining a resource, and nutrients, for your soil, worms, chooks, and gardens to utilise :)


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