12 March 2016 5:03am – Growing soil

Great article from Family Food Garden about growing your soil.

This is easily our biggest challenge here at Myrtle Farm. With our sandy/silt soil, any nutrients I managed to get into the soil is gradually washed away as I water the plants I’m trying to grow, and there’s basically nothing left once the Summer rains have been through. Consequently I have built my vegie beds raised up above the native soil, have quite a few potted food plants, such as 2x Davidson’s Plums, 2x blueberries, a thornless blackberry and a bay tree, and maintain 2 bath-sized worm farms and 4 compost bins. I’ve recently begun making my own wicking boxes out of styrofoam broccoli boxes too (free from the local grocer) in order to retain nutrients and moisture where the plants need it. What methods have you come up with to tackle the soil in your patch?

Creating Fantastic Soil with Microorganisms


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