25 December 2015 5:39am – RIP 2nd Polish fluffball

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful day with friends and family (with stress and fighting kept to a minimum).

I, however, have some sad news. We found one of the little polish chicks half drowned in the water dish yesterday. It was still alive but very wet and very cold. After emergency heating and rubs it seemed to perk up again so we put it back under ‘mum’ for the night. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it. But it had fought well: it had already been wet once (having been kicked into a puddle by ‘mum’), buried (after ‘mum’ demonstrated scratching a bit too vigorously) and stood on countless times by ‘mum’ and its siblings (it was clearly the runt). Poor little thing. He/She was a fighter.

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