29 November 2015 11:04am – This Year’s Fertile Eggs

Another hot, humid day here in Bris and we have (hopefully) 8 new additions to our flock:


7x polish bantams and 1x jap bantam (the darker one in the top-right corner) for our little broody Old English Game bantam hen, Honey, to sit on.

Having completed her inspection of the new eggs (she’s been sitting on one of Little’s eggs for the past few days to keep her interested), Honey seems satisfied with the new lodgings and occupants, and has settled in for the long-haul :)


Now begins 2-3 months of chook-watch, bringing in Honey’s box each night and taking it out again in the morning (we lost 2 little fluffballs last year to the local python so they come inside at night now)

And waste-not, want-not, Ms Dragon was given Little’s egg:


Not sure if she’ll actually eat it; we’ll see :)

AND I managed to get the pineapple sage under control yesterday and reclaimed the overgrown path in the vegie patch. I relocated quite a few rooted cuttings to other parts of the garden, but there are still quite a few here if anyone would like some – free to a good home! :)


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