12 November 2015 6:39am – MYO Toothpaste

FINALLY, I finished off the last tube of toothpaste last night, so I
just made my first batch of zero-waste toothpaste :)

Now to give it a whirl! … :)


Update 7:02am: Verdict:- not bad. Bit oily (because lets face it, coconut oil isn’t solid here) and it greased up the handle of the brush which made it difficult to use, so I might try it later either with a bit more bicarb or maybe some other thickener, like arrowroot flour … otherwise, seemed to work well :)

Update 4:07pm 24/11/2015: I have a confession to make: I’m completely addicted to this toothpaste. I did end up adding an extra tsp of bicarb – both for solidity and for the extra whitening/cleaning power – and am keeping it in the fridge during the day, but it actually has me *wanting* to brush my teeth – its not just one of those annoying chores that you have to do but don’t really want to, so ‘forget’ quite often – I’m back to brushing multiple times a day, rather than once, which is a good thing :) A note of warning though, its probably not for everyone; if you don’t like the taste of bicarb (which i do) then this probably isn’t the mix for you, but give it a go – you might find that adding a bit more peppermint or other oil helps to mask the taste :)

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