10 November 2015 9:39am – Post-holiday Vegie Patch Update

Hi all! We’re back from our yearly trip to New Zealand’s south island to catch up with Hubby’s rellies, drool over their cold-climate gardens, and do our usual bit of road-tripping, sightseeing and tramping, and with the few storms that Brisbane had while we were away, and the warm, sunny days, our patch is looking like a bit of a jungle.

The pumpkin that self-seeded in one of the potato bags, and was transplanted to its own spot in the pumpkin/zucchini/soon-to-be-corn bed, has decided that ‘Today, the vegie patch; Tomorrow, THE WORLD’ is going to be its motto:


We lost the purple Cayenne chilli seedling but the three green ones have doubled in size (left, in the below pic), and the Jalapenos (centre) and Hungarian Wax (right) have tripled in size, so will have to be separated out soon:


and amongst all the weeds:


I spotted this:


The first of the turmeric to shoot! :D

And the feverfew that was budding before we left, has opened and revealed itself to be a very pretty pink:


Other than that, along with lots of weeding, it looks like I’m going to have to give the strawberry sage and rosemary a good prune and plant out some cuttings, so let me know if you’d like any!


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