26 October 2015 5:54pm – MYO Shampoo

Another experiment in the realm of home-made shampoo is currently underway.

After finally managing to get hold of some castile soap last week, on Wednesday night I tried the most basic of recipes: castile soap + essential oil. Some recipes call for diluting the soap 1:1 with water, but I didn’t want to do this as I wanted to be able to dilute it with coconut milk, as per this recipe. It actually worked quite well, but as there is no conditioner component, I used a tiny amount of coconut oil afterwards, which always makes my hair a bit oily.

Not being able to find any coconut milk that didn’t come in tins (see the Update notes she made on that recipe), hubby was able to get me a bag of shredded coconut today so I could make my own. Having done so, I then mixed half a cup into the castile+essential oil (for me, lemon myrtle) mix, gave it a good shake and tried it out.

Verdict so far: aside from the to-die-for smell of lemon myrtle, it foamed quite well, even diluted, it doesn’t need conditioner (which means the smell of the essential oil doesn’t get masked) and it has left my hair completely tangle-free, just as the recipe said. Fingers crossed the addition of the coconut milk will also help moisturise my scalp and get rid of my flakies. Will keep you posted :)

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