13 September 2015 7:53am – Experiment: MYO Egg Shampoo

Ok. Today’s experiment, and proof that I will try anything once:

Homemade Egg Shampoo

Background: I’ve had problems for a while now, finding a commercially-produced shampoo and conditioner combo that my hair and scalp like. A few years ago, I read an article that chemicals such as SLS and SLES, that are common ingredients in shampoos (and soap and a lot of other bathroom products), contributed to dry scalp, so I decided to test that theory for myself and went off SLS and SLES. And it did seem to help..  for a time, but in the last few weeks my scalp seems to have taken exception to the “all natural” shampoo and conditioner I’ve been using and has given me the worst case of dandruff and oily hair that I’ve had in ages. So the search is on again for something else that will work, preferably make-your-own, and since I have a large supply of eggs at present, this one piqued my interest. So here goes.

Trial: I tried it with the optional additives of honey and oil. I actually ran out of olive oil yesterday so used coconut instead. Since its 15C here today, it was a bit difficult to mix in, but I think it turned out ok. Warning: it really doesn’t look pleasant, or feel pleasant (who likes egg on their head?) and it doesn’t smell particularly pleasant either, so add the optional essential oils if you’re sensitive to that.

Verdict: It wasn’t as bad as I thought (that’s not to say that it was good either), but I’ll see what my hair and scalp are like later today. Stay tuned!

UPDATE 13 Sept, 16:26pm: its not actually too bad. The hair feels a bit thick, but it did after using coconut oil as a conditioner too, but not as greasy as the oil was. And thick isn’t necessarily a bad thing with my fine hair. The hair always felt better the day after when I used coconut oil, so I’ll see what its like tomorrow. Had a look at the scalp earlier and there didn’t appear to be as many flakey bits, so hopefully thats a permanent improvement. Will keep you posted :)

UPDATE 16 Sept, 06:45am:  normally, after washing my hair with standard shampoo&conditioner, my hair would be a bit on the fuzzy side but soft the first day, lovely (tamed and soft) on the second day, ok but starting to get a bit oily at the roots on the third day, and needing to be washed again on the fourth. Knowing this, I intentionally left my hair to follow its usually pattern, but it hasn’t. Even on the fourth day, it still feels just as soft and thick as it did after doing the egg wash, with no signs of oiliness yet. As for the flakiness, there were a few signs of it ‘coming back’ yesterday morning, but I’ve just had another look, and there isn’t a single sign of flakiness. my scalp is however starting to get itchy again, so it may be time to re-wash.

UPDATE 23 Sept, 4:44pm: Update: made it to the weekend without needing to wash again (no way I would have lasted that long with conventional shampoo) and even then I don’t know that I *needed* too really, because my hair still didn’t feel all that oily. Anyway, as a reminder/comparison, I tried the Sukin Moisture Restoring shampoo and conditioner again, and by yesterday morning the flakes had returned in force (see first pic below) so I went back to egg wash last night, this time using a bantam egg (plus 1/3 tsp of coconut oil and 1/3 tsp honey like last time), which seemed to work better (still stank tho; really need to get some nice essential oils), and by this morning, not a flake was in sight, and my hair was back to being nice and soft but not overly ‘thick’-feeling; it even shone differently (see ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics below). So I’m sold; I think I’ll be sticking with the egg :)







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