9 September 2015 4:27pm – Warm Earth Magazine

Found another great magazine today! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for it now!

I had actually bought it solely for the article on how to process arrowroot into flour as i’ve been growing arrowroot for about 6.5yrs, as a chook fodder, but had always thought that processing the corms into flour would be too arduous to bother with, but it doesn’t sound that bad at all, so i might have to give it a go and make some proper gluten-free arrowroot bikkies!

Other than arrowroot, the mag actually has some really good articles in it, including one about all the different manures you can get and how to use them, various multifunctional perennial crops that have got me thinking, and an article about making soil blocks (ie for potless seedling growing) that describes the process as ‘like mud pies and Lego all in one!’ What’s not to like there? :P

What a great find!


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