4 August 2015 7:02am – Old Carrots and Used Eggshells

Very little goes to waste in my house: manky old carrots, forgotten in the fridge, get grated up and given to the chooks, the ends going to the worms.


Likewise the eggshells were gently roasted last night, crushed, and will be scattered in the chook yard for them to forage, and added to their food and grit hopper to increase their calcium intake and make sure we don’t get any thin-shelled eggs.


(Preventing thin-shelled eggs also helps to prevent chooks realising that their eggs are yummy and eating them. Once a chook starts eating her eggs, its very hard to break her out of it, and usually results in her finding out what a roasting dish looks like. Thankfully, I’ve not encountered this problem yet. Touch wood.)

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