7 August 2015 4:10pm – Vegie Patch Update: Mr Dragon Returns and The Growing Season Begins

Look who’s back! Mr WaterDragon has returned from his (I don’t actually know that its a male, I just call it that for simplicity) winter absence :D


And some updates: three of the six ‘Sex Without Strings’ butter beans from Diggers, that i planted 2 weekends ago, have made an appearance:


As have quite a few of the Wildflower Companion mix (also from Diggers):


(the brick footings are where a garden bench usually sits)

These are the first seeds to germinate in months! Yay! :D

And the salad greens (nero kale, silverbeet/red chard, oakleaf lettuce and english spinach) are looking very inviting:


(other things in that garden include pineapple sage and lucerne on the right, my last cabbage in the centre back, the potatoes leaning over the back edge, and italian parsley on the left)

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