27 June 2015 6:27pm – 8-bin System

I just realised today that we have 8 ‘bins’:


Refuse – small bin with reused shopping bag as liner

Recycling – big plastic bin (and upsized wheely bin outside)

Paper/newspaper/cardboard – a 40L trug from Bunnings that sits outside the backdoor

Chooks – a temporary bowl, to be emptied into the chook run the following morning

Worms – a bucket with lid to keep out vinegar flies

Compost – another temporary bowl – usually only when we’re doing jam, etc and producing too much material for the worms to process, or its citrus, which worms don’t like

A cloth ‘bag noodle’ for plastic shopping bags that are able to be reused

A bag for torn plastic shopping bags and other plastics that can go to Coles for recycling


That sounds like a lot doesn’t it, but it works :)

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