Hi, I’m Kim and welcome to my permaculture journey.

I attained my Permaculture Design Course (PDC) in 2015 but I had actually been practicing permaculture since moving into our previous house at the end of 2008. The place had several existing fruit trees, including a huge mango tree and several citrus trees around the perimeter, but was otherwise a clean slate. The Christmas break that year saw the appearance of 6 small vegie beds in the backyard, shortly followed by a chook house and run, then 4 Australorp chickens in Feb 2009.

That was the beginning, and I haven’t looked back. We have now been at our current house since 2011, where there are as many fruit trees, vegie plots, chickens and compost bins as I can pack in and still have a small section of grass to hang washing out and free-range the chickens, and a larger area for the dogs to play on. Then there’s the native habitat garden out the front (including several bushfood plants), and 2 native bee hives! On top of all that, we also now have a farm (or farmlet, as some people call it; a small farm), which is also run on permaculture principles but currently only has fruit trees/shrubs/vines and natives (again, including bushfoods) due to the distance from our current house and the fact that we only get up there on weekends so everything has to be able to look after itself during the week.

As you can probably gather, permaculture, gardening, composting, chickens, native bees, living off-grid, and the constant learning and problem-solving .. is truly addictive. So you’ve been warned!

Why a website?

During my PDC, I was encouraged to create a website for my ‘permacultury exploits’ so that everyone could keep up with what I was doing, including a few who weren’t on Facebook. So here it is!

I hope you enjoy reading through all my ramblings, and hope that you take something from it. Let me know if you have any questions! :)