Dad’s Bee Boxes

Australian Native Stingless Bee
Hive Box and Honey Super Kits

Our ‘OATH’ style Hive Box Kit and Honey Super Kit can be compiled
to suit buyers specifications…
Our hive box and honey super frames are 30mm thick pine…
Special Orders/Requests require a deposit of 75% of total…

NOTE: Hive Boxes and Honey Supers DO NOT contain any bees or bee products…

Hive Box – $100
Pick up by arrangement

Top Box with brood supports
Bottom Box with 13mm Entry hole
Frame joints glued and screwed
Floor plate glued and screwed
Ceiling plate screwed only
Sanded and Painted
Hive Box Kit – $80
plus post or pick up by arrangement

8 Hive Box frame pieces*
2 Brood supports
1 Floor plate*
1 Ceiling plate*
16 x 45mm screws for frame joints
8 x mm screws for ceiling/floor joints
8 x mm nails for brood supports

* pre-drilled ~ unsanded ~ unpainted

Optional Extras – Sold Separately
If adding to an existing hive, hive external dimensions and wood thickness measurements may be required to ensure accurate fit
Honey Super – $40
Pick up by arrangement

Frame joints*
Ceiling plate*
Floor plate with entry holes
Sanded and Painted

* glued and screwed

Honey Super Kit – $30
plus postage or pick up by arrangement

4 Frame pieces*
1 Ceiling plate*
1 Floor plate with entry holes*
4 x 45mm screws for frame joints
6 x mm screws for ceiling joint

* pre-drilled ~ unsanded ~ unpainted

Zincalume Metal Roof – $30
Ceiling Plate with entry holes – $10
FREE with a single purchase of a Hive Box Kit and a Honey Super Kit