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3 February 2018 1:32pm – Rain!

It’s a lovely cool, rainy day at the farm today! We sure needed it!

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3 February 2018 1:31pm – Using Coffee Grounds in the Garden

“You may have noticed that some cafes now offer free spent coffee grounds for customers to take home and use in the garden. In theory, this is a great initiative but the reality is that fresh coffee grounds are high … Continue reading

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2 February 2018 5:59am – Tool Care

I love my tools, but wow!

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13 December 2017 1:34pm – Bio-intensive Beds at Melliodora

The bio-intensive vegie patch at Melliodora … Wow!

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13 December 2017 9:45am – Non-toy Gifts

Some great ideas here, for anyone buying for little ones (or not so little ones) this festive season! Less Toys, More Memories: 20 Non-Toy Gift Ideas

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11 December 2017 2:20pm – Coffee Grounds as Herbicide

Interesting article from Jerry … Coffee Grounds As A Herbicide

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7 December 2017 6:27am – Pest Patrol

Pest Patrol is up and has gone french this morning: no frog’s legs, but four grasshoppers are a close substitute, and go well with 7 snails, apparently :P

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2 November 2017 9:05am – Happy Birthday Little!

Nine years ago, this assertive, opinionated, Queen-of-all-she-surveys (ie not just the hen house or even the backyard – just ask Ken over at Zoo Studios :P)¬†was hatched. She may be a bit arthritic now and can’t fly anymore (its more … Continue reading

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12 October 2017 7:26pm – National Farmer Day

So, apparently today is National Farmer Day. And on this day, one year ago, we bought our farm up near Blackbutt. Did we plan that?? :P

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7 October 2017 1:06pm – Grey Day

Lovely grey day up at the farm today, and everything is looking much greener!

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