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30 May 2018 2:24pm – Pinks Disease

Do your trees have Pinks Disease? It’s particularly prevalent in high humidity areas. Annette McFarlane: Take a close look at this image. Initially you may mistake it for lichen (there are some small lichen surrounding it). In fact, it is … Continue reading

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27 May 2018 8:14am – Chook Tunnels

Make chooks work for you! :) Clever Tunnel System Makes Chickens Do The Gardening…

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19 May 2018 10:26am – Blue Sky Day

I never get tired of this blue sky :)

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19 May 2018 8:53am – Pruning Perennials

Tips on pruning perennials  

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16 May 2018 5:43am – Agreena

Has anybody tried these?

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8 May 2018 2:56pm – Happy Birthday, Sir David!

A HUGE Happy Birthday to Sir David today! Your documentaries growing up (along with the encouragement from my parents of course) set me on the road to study biology, nature conservation, ecology and now permaculture. You Sir, are my greatest … Continue reading

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8 May 2018 10:10am – Compost!

With the advent of Compost Awareness Week starting yesterday, I thought it was high time that I update you all on our composting system. As most processes tend to do, this one has changed and been adapted over the years: … Continue reading

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8 May 2018 8:53am – Vegie Patch Update

Yay! Rainy day updates! :) Here is the pic of our vegie patch as of yesterday. I must admit that, although The Vegie Patch is often thought of as ‘the whole point’ to permaculture (it so isn’t, by the way – … Continue reading

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7 May 2018 7:45am – “Too big”

Holy moly! I’d thought these were heavy bringing them inside: 2950g and 3057g respectively. Dried pineapple coming up! :) PS these were being sold at a roadside stall because they were rejected as “too big” … Think about that. “Too big” … Continue reading

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6 May 2018 6:13pm – International Permaculture Day

Well, the sun is down and I hope everyone had a great, productive and fun-filled International Permaculture Day! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to sit still for a bit tomorrow and post a quick update on our little patch here … Continue reading

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