22 September 2018 – 6:55pm – Creatures of Place

Creatures of Place. A new Happy Films social featuring Artist As Family.

Family Flourishing on an Urban 1/4-acre Permaculture Plot – Creatures of Place

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19 September 2018 7:31pm – Bee-friendly Gardens

How to make your garden native bee friendly.

I would also highly recommend Doug Purdie’s books, The Bee Friendly Garden, and Backyard Bees. Although these are more Honey-bee focused, they will give you a great insight into how bees and other pollen/nectar-foraging insects see our typically green-centric garden designs. For a more technical insight into native bees, you really can’t do better than Tim Heard’s The Australian Native Bee Book.

Happy reading and gardening! :)

How to make your garden native bee friendly

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16 September 2018 6:00am – Good Morning!

Good morning, everyone!

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30 August 2018 6:42pm – Dirty Feet, Happy Heart

Definitely true here! 

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26 August 2018 10:55am – Catch-up Reading

How are you spending this lovely rainy day? I’m catching up on some very overdue reading and watching the grass come alive with flocks of tiny little wrens :D

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26 August 2018 8:49am – Rain!

Rain has come to the farm today!  Let’s hope it sticks around!

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9 August 2018 11:00am – Flowers For The Vegie Patch

Planting flowers amongst your vegies doesn’t just look nice, it has a host of other benefits.

Wise Pairings: Best Flowers to Plant with Vegetables

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29 July 2018 7:11am – Snail Hunt

If you’re experiencing this lovely foggy morning too, now is the perfect time to get outside for a snail hunt! 

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17 July 2018 6:29pm – Rodent-proof Your Compost Bin

Thought you might find this helpful too:


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6 July 2018 5:15pm – The Pomes&Stones Orchard is complete!

The Pomes&Stones Orchard is complete!  The last leprechaun Apple has gone in, everything has been given a circle of mulch and had a chook-wire frame put up.

Looking good, even if I say so myself 

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