17 September 2017 4:36pm – Planting and New Recruit

Planting done! :) All the little seedlings have found new homes, been seasolled, and tucked in for the night (ie mulched).

Also! Yesterday, while I was planting out some of those seedlings, I found a new recruit to our Vegie Patch Pest Management Team! :D A young blue-tongue! YAY!


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16 September 2017 4:53pm – TinyHouse

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a TinyHouse. What do you think of this one? I quite like how they’ve been able to fit in a full-size fridge/freezer, oven and sink (although I’d still prefer it be located at the end of the kitchen to give more usable bench space), stairs to the loft and I really like the copper highlights!

250 Sq. Ft. Handcrafted Movement Tiny House

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16 September 2017 10:44am – Improving Sandy Soil

Anyone else have trouble keeping nutrients and structure in sandy soil? Looks like I’ll be putting together a batch of ‘dry method’ char and horse manure this weekend too! Has anyone else tried this?


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16 September 2017 10:31am – Chillis, Toms and Greens

Market day! And more seedlings to pot up/plant out this arve (from top-left to right): red choi, 2x cayenne, sage, mustard, 2x roma toms, red chard/silverbeet, 2x jalapeno, another roma, basil, 3x jalapeno, basil :)

That’ll bring our chilli crop to 5 of each of sanam, cayenne and jalapeno, plus the older bushes from last year (sanam and birdseye). The rest will be going into various beds in the vegie patch, that I’ll be topping up with compost before planting.

Yay for weekends! :D

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12 September 2017 4:59pm – Pallet Compost Bay No.1

Made the first compost bay! :D

It’s located behind our shed, north-facing, in a spot that seems to be just too hot for anything to grow in summer, so hopefully it’ll get a good temperature going. The pallets are screwed together at the back corners and just tied at the front. A biscuit-worth of grassy-straw mulch along the bottom and up the sides. Several buckets-worth of food scraps (from 2 families and work) in the centre, covered with a generous layer of soil from out of the chook run, then another thick layer of mulch. Its not enough to reach the ‘magic’ cubic metre needed for ‘hot compost’ yet, but it’ll make it there in the next few weeks. Its my first attempt at compost bays (I’ve always been a bins and worm farms girl before) so I’ll keep you posted on how it goes :)


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11 September 2017 5:04pm – Farm update: Avocados, Bushfoods, Infrastructure

A quick update re the farm: As of Saturday, all the planting for this year is done! Yay! :D Now we go into survival/maintenance mode over our very first summer, which we hope isn’t going to be *too* hot and dry. Fingers crossed!

Saturday’s plantings were 4 avocados, purchased at the Blackbutt Avocado Festival: 2x Reed, 1x Fuerte and 1x Hass, to accompany the dwarf Hass we already had.

Surprisingly, the teeny-tiny natives from last weekend’s planting have all survived! (so far) I did have my doubts about a few of them, but quite a few of the lillipillies have tiny new, deep magenta shoots, so that’s promising (and going to be gorgeous when they get bigger!).

Infrastructure-wise, the composting loo is complete (aside from the installation of the little window we bought today) and the bathroom is partially done: all the under-floor drainage is complete (the pile of wood is covering over the wet concrete securing the drain pipes, to keep dog-paws away), the pavers are down, and the structure and some of the walls are up; now we’re just waiting for the roof and remaining walls, all the fixtures mentioned in the previous post (two windows, door, bath, shower tray, vanity), and the gravity-fed plumbing to go in.



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11 September 2017 3:42pm – A Productive Day

Wow! What a productive day! 14 wooden pallets (for new compost bays), a water barrel for the back of the tractor (and associated fittings and pump), 4 planters (ie cut-in-half barrels), and everything we need to finish off our bathroom (some assemblage required :P)! Yay!

(yes, my ‘new’ bathtub is yellow :P)

(and yes, the side of our house now looks like a builder’s yard :P)


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2 September 2017 7:25am – Riberry Lillipillies and Midjim Berries

Today’s babies: 12x Riberry (Syzygium leuhmanii) and 12x Midjim Berry (Austromyrtus dulcis) to get our bushfoods sections going, act as privacy screening from the neighbours and provide more habitat for all the gorgeous little insectivorous birds we have here :)

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2 September 2017 7:01am – Boots on!

Breakfast is done. Boots are on. Ready for another day of planting :)

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31 August 2017 4:31pm – Spring is here!

Spring has come to the garden, the mulberry has gone crazy and the heady scent of citrus flowers (blood orange and tahitian lime) is in the air. Mmm :)


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